I have found it very difficult to understand scale choices and found it very frustrating to attempt to compare, transpose, understand scales and modes. I am sure I am not the only newcomer to the scene to feel this way. The endless search on the Internet, YouTube and forums can be overwhelming, all with the dire consequences of possibly buying something horrible and getting ripped off. Thankfully that didn’t happen for me, but it does happen.

My intention is to easily organize videos from the source, the maker, showcasing a particular scale or mode, then cross reference these with other known similar scales or modes, making it easier to search and understand choices and differences between makers.

There is a lot of discussion in the handpan collective that new people should be making better choices on the Internet when they fall in love and attempt to go off and buy one of these instruments. Honestly, if they had a site that compared a backyard crap prototype for sale up on Ebay to a SpB, Halo, ESS, Saraz, BElls, etc. then a buyer might actually think twice before paying $3000 for a shitcan or an out of tune instrument.


What Videos Get Listed

Maker videos have first priority.

If a maker does not provide videos or they are new/rare then my intent is to find high quality videos that focus primarily on the scale/mode.

Knowing that the player also influences the sound of the instrument I will most likely use both maker and high quality non-maker videos.

There would be some discretion on my part and I may let my own personal choice dictate but I try to stay subjective and ensure that the instrument is easy to see in the video, the video sound is of higher quality and the video does justice to the instrument.


Selection Criteria

  1. Must showcase the scale/tuning in question.

  2. May have an accompanying instrument but at most only one more.

  3. Good quality sound.

  4. Little or no background noise.

  5. Would possibly consider loosening the rules if there was only one video of a given instrument, not sure if it’s better to have lesser quality or no video at all (leaning on no video at all).

  6. If I have associated a video to a maker or brand and they are opposed I will remove it on their request, but I ask that it is a reasonable request and not personal in anyway.

  7. Videos without a visual of the instrument being played or with poor quality and possibly poor skill (hitting too hard) will not be considered beneficially for comparison purposes and would not be listed.  Those videos would be more appropriately shared on a forum or on Facebook groups.

  8. I expect there will be many repeat players across all instruments and this speaks to their skill, access to instruments and ability to record quality videos and not in any way meant to showcase a particular player (Colin F, Maxime L R, Peter L, David K, etc.).  
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